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Registration Process

Registration as Trainer

No person is authorised to act as a trainer unless s/he is duly registered with the MQA.

An application for Registration as Trainer should be made on the MQA prescribed application form.

Criteria for Registration as Trainer

The applicant should possess the following:-

1. Basic Qualifications

-Cambridge School Certificate with 5 credits including English, French and Mathematics or an alternative/equivalent qualification;
-Cambridge Higher School Certificate or an alternative/equivalent.

2. Higher Qualifications

-Academic/Technical/Vocational/Professional qualifications issued by a recognised institution.

3. Experience

• Applicants should preferably have relevant working experience.
• Applicants should preferably have followed an approved train the trainer programme or any alternative programme acceptable to the Authority.

Exceptionally applicants without basic academic qualification/s but having at least five (5) years of experience in certain specific trades or areas may be considered for registration.

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