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MQA>Registration & Accreditation Criteria

Registration & Accreditation Criteria

The public is hereby informed that with effect from 01 July 2007,new Quality Assurance Standards for training have become applicable at the Mauritius Qualifications Authority (MQA). Registration of Training Institutions, Managers, Programme Officers, Trainers as well as Approval of Courses will be granted by the Authority as per new criteria based on the new Quality Assurance Standards.
The attention of the public is also drawn that henceforth trainers will be granted registration for a period of 3 years and should apply for renewal of registration before the expiry date of the said registration.
Trainers already registered before 01 July 2007 should therefore submit an application for renewal of registration by 31 March 2010 at latest and thereafter will have to apply for renewal of registration after every 3 years.
Registered training institutions which have not yet obtained the new Quality Assurance Standards may collect a copy at the MQA. They may also download the new criteria from MQA's website