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MQA>Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of Prior Learning

Short history
One of the functions of the MQA is to recognize and validate competencies obtained outside the formal education and training systems for certification purposes.
In 2007, the MQA together with the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) and the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL) promoted a sensitization campaign for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). Major stakeholders were exposed to international RPL best practices and were provided insights into the various advantages linked to the implementation of RPL at a National level. In addition, L’Académie de la Reunion partnered with MQA to build capacity in RPL.
Two pilot projects were conducted in the Tourism and Construction industries, and the successful results enabled the MQA to establish a Mauritian RPL model.
What is Recognition of Prior Learning?
Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a process of acknowledging previous learning that occurred in various contexts irrespective of where, when and how it was acquired. The whole assessment process culminates in the issue of a recognised certificate. The certification is the same as that given to someone who has successfully completed a formal course of study.
Benefits of RPL
RPL enables an applicant to:
• Obtain a qualification;
• Enhance his/her employability;
• Pursue lifelong learning; and
• Boost his/her self-confidence and self-esteem.
Where to apply for RPL?
Application forms are available at the MQA Reception Desk or can be downloaded from the Authority’s website at
The application form duly filled in should be accompanied by the applicable processing fees and submitted with all relevant documents at the MQA.
RPL in Mauritius
As per the Mauritius Qualifications Authority Act 2001, one of the functions of the Authority is to recognise and validate competencies for purposes of certification obtained outside the formal education and training systems.
The RPL Process
The RPL system as set up by the MQA comprises three stages as follows:
1. The Pre-Screening process
An RPL candidate claiming recognition of his/her prior learning submits an application form for RPL together with the processing fee. The application is pre-screened by the MQA, further to which an RPL facilitator is assigned to the RPL candidate.
2. The Facilitation process
The RPL Facilitator helps the RPL candidate within a period of three months to build his/her portfolio. The portfolio document is available on the MQA website
3. The Assessment process
The RPL candidate submits his/her completed portfolio to the MQA which is then forwarded to the Awarding Body for assessment. In general, assessment is carried out through an interview. At the end of the process, the candidate can either obtain a full qualification or a part ualification if s/he has been successful.
Registration of RPL facilitator
Applicants who intend to be registered as RPL Facilitators have to fill in the prescribed application form and submit same together with the processing fee. They should have ppropriate qualifications as well as relevant working experience in the field for which they intend to act as RPL Facilitator. They are also required to follow the “Training for RPL Facilitators” prior to registration as RPL Facilitators.