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Divisions at MQA

Corporate Services

The Corporate Services Division is responsible for:

❯ General Administration
❯ Human Resources
❯ Information System
❯ Finance & Procurement
❯ Registry
❯ Verification and Issue of Certificate of Registration
❯ Public Relations
❯ Stores & Documentation
❯ Assisting in Legal Matters

Quality Assurance Services

The Quality Assurance Services Division is responsible for:

Registration and accreditation of Training Institutions

➲ Monitoring and evaluation of training institutions
➲ Accreditation of award programmes
➲ Approval of non-award courses
➲ Update of databases with regard to training institutions and trainers
➲ Policies in relation to regulation of training

Registration of Managers

Registration of Programme Officers

Registration of Trainers

Framework Services

The Framework Services Divison is responsible for:

Maintaining the National Qualifications Framework (NQF)

➲ Setting up Industry Training Advisory Committees (ITACs)
➲ Developing and generating National Qualifications and Units Standards in different sectors

Promoting Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) acquired outside the formal education system

➲ Training of RPL Facilitators and Assessors
➲ Registration of RPL Facilitators

Granting Recognition and Equivalence to qualifications on the NQF

Learner Attainment & Information Services

The Learner Attainment & Information Services Division is responsible for:

❯ Establishing and maintain accounts and databases for Technical and Vocational Education & Training (TVET) sector
❯ Compilation and submission of reports on statistics pertaining to TVET enrolment in MQA registered
❯ Training Institutions Keeping records of learners’ accumulation and transfer of credits for NQF qualifications
❯ Handling complaints against training institutions and illegal operation on training